Sunday, August 31, 2008

That's how I roll!

more animals

I sent the boys off on a kayak adventure to Hassle Island just across the channel from my house. They are going over to check out the ruins from the old days of pirates and tall ships from 1867. There is a trail that goes from the boat house up to the old yellow fever hospital and then on up to the top of the mountain where they recently uncovered a fort. I'm sure they will have fun dodging iguanas and coconuts.

While they are away I will be packing and doing laundry! I will somehow fit all my stuff into 2 bags. I think I can do it, I got rid of a lot of clothes I don't wear or wont wear anymore. I am dreading going shopping when I get home. All I really need is a couple pairs of jeans and some socks. I have my boots and stuff at home so thats good. I cant wait to wear boots again... I really hope the weather doesn't effect us in our travels on Wed. I bet I will have delays flying from Orlando to Dallas. Thanks Gustav.

The weather here is fine, hot, partly cloudy but very very still. Not so much as a breeze!

Just 3 more days till I am home!


So just to update ya'll on the itinerary... I will be home in Dallas on Wednesday (weather permitting), I fly to Seattle, Washington on the 15th where I will live in an apartment till the yacht goes back into the water, then we will all move aboard where I have my own cabin! We will stay in Seattle through October and then move the boat down to Marina Del Rey, California at the beginning of November. All I know is I am going to freeze my ass off! I just looked at the weather in Seattle and its 56 freakin degrees!!! Thats colder than I have been in a year and a half at least! I'm gonna have to wear shoes!