Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello Ana and Bill!

Tropical storms Ana and Bill look so come near us this week, not a big deal because Ana is fizzling and Bill will probably get sucked way north. But, hey, its H season and this is to be expected! Lilly gets here in 75 hours! Just in time for the Hurricane Party! Things are going well, I am off to the 25th Annual Texas Society Chili Cook-Off! I wish Lilly could have been here for this party! I have been hanging out with my new roommate Chris alot, he is a boat captain, surfer, boxer, from.... you guessed it.... Texas. He is from Farmers Branch which is like 20 mins from where I am from. Small world. So we are headed to the cook off together to make our executive decisions about the chili. We already put our stamp of DISAPPROVAL on the new mexican food place in Red Hook. Totally sucked. He is a mexican that doesn't speak spanish so I'm not sure if he is even qualified to make decisions like that. LOL. He's looking forward to Mom coming to visit so she can teach him some words! HaHa! Well, I have to run! Time to get to the beach!

Friday, August 7, 2009


No... I am not having babies.
But, today as I walked past a rasta fruit stand in town I stopped to try a Quenepa. They are small fruits that I have seen all over but never tried. I asked the rasta man what they tasted like and he said "go on a try one chile". So I picked one off the bushel. I couldn't figure out how to eat it, apparently you are supposed to bite the skin to break it open then the pulp covered seed slides right out and you suck the pulp off the seed and spit the rest out. As I did this in front of the old rasta man and some island ladies lounging under the palm trees they asked "you like?" to which I replied, "it tastes like grass." They all cracked up laughing and the rasta man said he would hand pick my perfect quenepa. So he picked up the bushel and chose my new one. I bit into it and the old rasta man said "IT'S TWINS!!!" I said "What?!" and sure enough, there were two seeds in the pod. He said that means if I get preggo I will have twins. Great. I said "I better be careful then!!!" They all had a good laugh with me today. My Dad is a twin and my Mom always said that I would have twins because it skips a generation. I told the rasta that and he said "da fruit nevah lie!"

Well, tomorrow I work a double, hopefully I will make some money. Sunday I am going to Jost Van Dyke and the Willy T with my friends from work. It's gonna be awesome! I will post pics when I get back.

That's the Willy T. The floating bar/restaurant.

And this is the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke. They call it that because there is no dock here, you have to swim from your boat to the beach... hence the soggy dollars.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Holy crap. I love this song. You wanna see a Virgin Islands night club erupt into a frenzy??? Ask the DJ to play this song. It was amazing. I can't wait to go out and do it all over again. This is a great video too! Proud of Mr. Sean Kingston from Jamaica. :) Only in the Caribbean are whistles and air horns considered instruments... I love this place. p.s. 13 days till Lilly gets here!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Move over Thelma and Louise...

Jolea and Lilly have taken over.

Lilly will be here on the 19th!!!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! My partner in crime is actually moving down! I am so happy! She gets here at 3:30pm in two weeks! It's great timing because we are losing a waitress on the 20th. Lilly can just take her place. That and Meg's charter boat company just got two new boats and they need crew so we can pick up shifts there too.

Work is going great! I really like it. I have to work at 6 tonight and tomorrow night, then I am off Thursday and Friday and I work a double on Saturday. Woo HOOOO!

I have been eating vegetarian for a few days now. I don't know what kind of animals they grow at Morningstar Farms but damn they are tasty.... My favorites are the Spicy Black Bean burger and the Buffalo "Chicken" nuggets.

Well I gotta go! See ya later!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Farmer's Market day at Yacht Haven Grande!

Awesome morning! Jill and I went to the farmer's market at the marina this morning! It's so nice to support local farmers and visit with the people of the island. There were fresh baked breads, produce, and crafts from all corners of St. Thomas. We ran into tons of people we knew and I bought a cucumber and some local honey. Jill bought some lettuce, sprouts, passion fruit and some homemade blue cheese dressing. So we had a delicious healthy lunch! Now I am off to Hook Line and Sinker, a local cafe on the water, to meet up with my friend Wes for bloody mary's. Love my life.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have really been slacking on the blogging but I am going to try to keep you up to speed from now on!

I am back in Frenchtown, living at Villa Olga! It's HOT HOT HOT and I love it. All my old friends are still in town and it's been awesome catching up with them!

I got a great job at a very well known long standing restaurant here in Frenchtown called Bella Blu.
I will be working there 5 days a week or more which is awesome!

The food is great and it's the oldest restaurant on the island! 32 years. Their specialties are Shnitzel and pastas. It's sooooo good! I am trying to stay away from the pasta for fear of getting faaaaaat! I am so lucky I got this job! The people who work there have worked there for a long time, the girl I am replacing has been working there for 2 and a half years.

I am living at the guest house right now with Jill and Doug but pretty soon I will be moving into the house that Jill and Doug bought over the last year when I was gone. The house is right here in Frenchtown, it's a two bedroom place and I would have a roomate who is already living there. Jill says he is really nice and laid back, he's a surfer. Sounds like someone I could get along with. Jill actually took me over to the house the other day and showed me around. The house is beautiful! HUGE kitchen, a real living room! HUGE bedrooms! I can't wait. It's so nice to have work so close, it takes me less than 5 minutes to walk to work. It's a huge difference from when I lived here before. I used to have to get up at 5:30am to walk to the safari stop to catch it by 6am, in order to make it all the way across the island to work by 7am just to work all day on the boat, drag tourists through the Baths at Virgin Gorda, fix them lunch, put away the lunch, take them snorkeling, save their lives, take them back to St. Thomas, clean the boat in the heat of the day all to get back on the safari at 6pm to be home at 7pm, completely, thoughrouly exhausted. I don't want to do that 6 days a week again. At Bella Blu, I wake up at 9:30am, take a swim in the pool, take a shower, get dressed, walk up the street, work from 11am-4:30pm, walk home, take a swim in the pool, have a cocktail, watch a movie, go to sleep. Oh boy. On a day where I work the night shift it's even better! Wake up at whatever the hell time I want, lounge by the pool, or go into town for lunch with Meg and the crew of the Schooner Doubloon, or go to the beach, then come home by 3pm, shower, get dressed, walk to work by 4:30, work till 10pm, come home, watch some tv, go to bed. Oh boy. YAAAAAAAY! And sometimes I will work a double but thats all good too because it's mas dinero! Oh and we are closed on Sundays so I never have to worry about missing out on SUNDAY FUNDAY!!!!

Speaking of Sunday Funday, The 25th annual Texas Society Chili Cook-Off is being held at Brewers Bay here in St. Thomas on August 16th, a Sunday!!! I was here for it last year and it was one of the best days ever! This is my landlord Doug at last year's event...

And this pirate ship on the right is the Schooner Bones, where me and all my friends took breaks from the heat and the chili on the beach while the coast guard dropped frog men out of helicopters! We hope to bring the boat around again this year and do the same. Swinging from the crosstrees while intoxicated probably isn't the safest thing to do but hey, at least we all landed in the water.

Chili cook off madness.

I am looking into the captain's courses because the one I wanted to take isn't till November. I hope to find one in August so Lilly can take it with me. She wants to come down for a while but she wants to be productive as well. Smart. If she can't take her class while she is here then she is just going to go back to Key West and take it because she can live with her family. I hope we can find one sooner. Well, I think that about updates everyone on everything. I will write more later!