Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

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And I can't even write about it. I'm having a hard time finding a place to live in Utah. It's not falling together like I think it should. It doesn't feel right. I'm already having withdrawls, I miss the water, and I don't want to be cold. I guess I am writing about it.

I had a moment of weakness and got a little down about my rotten luck with the yacht in Seattle. I thought it meant I needed to try something different. Maybe it just meant I needed to try again.

Here's the story...

Mom and Dad will be relieved to hear this news. I have been feeling this for a few days now and tonight it all came to climax while I was chatting online with an old friend from Key West.

Courtney and I have been friends since 2003 when I moved to Key West. You see, she is a badass. When I was a lowly dock girl selling day trips on the Schooner Liberty, before anyone even let me attempt to train on board, Courtney was the Firs Mate on a Parasail Boat at the same marina. She's just a badass. Anyway, we lost touch like people do and due to the majic of Facebook and Myspace we have reconnected and have been chatting frequently this year. When I told Courtney about my bad luck and getting laid off from the Seattle yacht she got all excited and decided it was a sign that I should come to Ft. Lauderdale and stay with her for a while, after all, it is the Mega Yacht Capital of the world. Now, any normal, "sign seeing" person would have seen that as a good idea, but I decided to wait it out. I was a little depressed I have to admit.

I had totally forgotten about that fleeting conversation when tonight Courtney instant messaged me and we started to chat. She was telling me all about Ft. Lauderdale and how great it was and she mentioned again that I should come stay with her at her new apartment. I told her I couldn't afford rent at a condo in Lauderdale at the moment and she just laughed and said " I didn't ask you to pay rent, I told you to come stay with me for a while and look for a job here, if you find one and leave thats cool and if I decided to stay then we could wait till the next month before we worry about rent." Can we say "HERE'S YOUR SIGN" ?
Then she continued to berate me about how I was a boat chick and to just get over it because I was going to regret being cold constantly... She's right.

P.S. The rent in Lauderdale is the same as what I would be paying in Utah. Ahem....

Let the comments begin....

Yes I know... I am a flake. I feel like a big flake. I don't know what to do.
I do know that being in Lauderdale is what's best for my career.

p.s. again I put out an email to my agent in lauderdale to ask her what she thought about me moving there, if she thinks it would help me get a job and if she knew of any shore based or freelance positions... we shall see.

Another perk... Courtney is a personal trainer... yep... she would kick my ass into shape...