Tuesday, December 22, 2009


on the downward slope now... I'm getting tired. And I am running out of ideas. At Peter Island. Went to willy T last night just me and Hal to celebrate my b day properly he said, I woke up with a temporary pirate tattoo on my ass and a headache. I drank too much and when my home-ing beacon went off I passed out in the dingy because Hal didn't wanna go home yet. lol things are well.

Post from two days ago.

Last night at the Last Resort was a really good time! There was live music and wine and shots of tequila. I had really delish ribs and these nice sweet potato fries and a salad. Yum! It was so nice to have a night off from cooking. I slept in this morning but not till I put out bagels and cereal and a fruit tray with a note saying that my birthday gift to myself was sleeping till lunch. lol. I didn't sleep till lunch actually, more like 10:30 when we headed out of Trellis Bay and over to the Dogs. The Dogs are a couple of small islands off Virgin Gorda. They swam a bit then I made monte christo sandwiches again because the dad really liked them. I also created a tasty little treat, I took some apple sauce, added in some sugar and cinnimon then I opened up a can of biscuits and smashed them flat, put one in the bottom of a muffin tin, spooned the apple mixture into the dough "cup" then placed another flat biscuit on top, spread a thin layer of the apple mixture on top and baked till they were slightly brown on top. What a hit! I served them with a bowl of vanilla ice cream, just delightful. Tonight it was seared tuna steaks for the parents and lamb for the daughter all served with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. Tomorrow I have no Idea what I'm gonna do. Probably scrambled eggs, bacon, and silver dollar pancakes. Lunch will be Tuna salad wraps with walnut brownie cups for dessert. Steaks and pasta and salad for dinner. Whew! I am running out of ideas. Have you ever tried to make 42 different meals? Oh and 14 desserts.

Stephanie (the 9 year old) was so sweet today, when she saw me up and around in the galley she galloped like a rhino down into her cabin and back up the stairs and yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO!!!" Slinging a bag from the pusser's rum store at me. Haha! She said "I picked it out because I know what you like." I opened the bag and inside was a cute islandy purse, I said thank you so much, what a nice gesture. She said "wait! open it!" When I did I pulled out a BEAUTIFUL red and white hibiscus print sarong! I really needed one. I left mine at home. COOL! They are such nice folks.

Today we went into Spansh Town, Virgin Gorda to fill up with water and get a few things at the store. Then we were off to Norman Island and the Bight again. Moored here within sight of the Willy T again. But I just don't feel up to binge drinking again. Wow, I never thought those words would come out of my mouth.

No internet access right now so I'm not sure when or where I will be posting this but thanks for the Birthday wishes. Love you all and miss you. Have a merry Christmas!