Monday, December 8, 2008

A glimmer of hope.

I got an email from one of my agents in Ft. Lauderdale today about a stewardess position on a sailboat. I replied that I was interested and she called me back immediately. She asked where I was first question out of the gate. I said Dallas. She sighed and said, "you should be here." I told her I knew that. I also told her I had a flight out there on next thursday. She went ahead and told me about the job and how she thought I would be perfect for the position since I have sailing experience and went on to tell me the amazing itinerary and wouldn't you know it, it sounded really familiar... Remember the S/Y Avalon that wintered in St. Barts and summered in New England with a stop in NYC for a month??? Yeah. Same boat. I told her I had spoken with the capt. about 3 weeks ago and he sounded really interested but said the Chef was going to be in charge of hiring and I never heard back. She said the Chef was in town doing interviews for the position and she was disappointed that I wasn't in town. We chatted for a while about why I wasn't there and my fear of getting there and being unemployed and she just stopped me mid sentence and said "If you were here, you would already have a job. You have connections here and your experience and attitude are wonderful. The reason you have been hearing negative reports from Lauderdale is because it's all the newbies with no experience that are having trouble finding work. We are still desperate for people with experience." I told her I would be arriving next Thursday and she said she would call the chef from Avalon and let her know and see if that helped. She also said she wanted to meet with me at her office when I got there so she could get things rolling for me if the Avalon doesn't work out.

I head to Lauderdale next Thursday, 2 days before my 26th birthday. I am making a move. No more sitting around waiting for something to fall in my lap.

UPDATE: Changed my flight to this Saturday. Better get to packing.

Fiji and its possibilities.

Written by this woman, Beatrice Grimshaw who traveled to Fiji in 1904 to write a travel guide and ended up staying there for the rest of her life.

I found that you can read the book online HERE.
Very cool. They had to travel by boat the entire way, took nearly 8 weeks to get there from England!