Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bombarded in Bermuda

The weather here is terrible!!! It's cold and windy and rainy! We can't leave till our "relief" captain gets here and the weather window opens up. So far we have deleted Trinidad, Antigua and Dominica and Jamaica from our plans. That leaves the Dominican Republic/Haiti and Cuba, onward to Key West for R & R then up the east coast to Mystic.

Morale is decreasing with each island we delete but we are still having fun together. Everyone is getting along and becoming more and more knowledgeable about the boat. We have gone out sailing quite a bit this past week and I am much more comfortable aloft. If we could raise all the sails, climb aloft, furl the sails, drop the anchor and raise the anchor every day we would all be solid muscle and lookin' hawt!!! I always feel really good after we go sailing and get the blood pumping. We spend a lot of time doing maintenance on the boat and not moving around so at the end of the day it's more of a mental tired than a physical tired.

I prefer physical tired.

We went sailing alongside the Spirit of Bermuda the other day to reenact the arrival of the slave ship Enterprise here 175 years ago. Upon arrival the slaves were eventually set free because slavery had already been abolished in Bermuda. Read more HERE and see a picture of us. We are getting so much media coverage and are on the front page like every day.

We have been put on night watch because of the weather and the fact that we are tied up in downtown Hamilton. We are on for 2 hours each at night from 11pm to 7am. It's pretty miserable. It's hard to get to sleep and then its hard to get back to sleep after your watch if it's some ungodly time like the 3 to 5. The upside is that we have gone to port and starbord watches, which means half the crew is on and half the crew is off every day. Today is port watch's day off, that is Me, Ruben, Cassie, Carlos, Sayzie and Sawyer.

Tonight we have been invited to the town hall for an award's dinner for the Spirit of Bermuda. Even though it's our day off we have to show up... ugh I know it's nice but damn I just need a full 12 hours away from it. So, I will soon run off to the yacht club to shower and do laundry then it will be time for dinner. Tomorrow night on the other hand, the Governor has invited us to his house for cocktails!!! That's my kind of party. I will let you know how it goes.

I am all over the place with this blog. I apologize. I am tired and cold and a bit bummed out about all the islands getting knocked off the list. But I am so so so excited about Cuba!!!! Not to mention Key West! I can't wait to see my boys and show my crew what fun really means!

I will update you guys when I can!

Above is Amistad rafted up to the Spirit of Bermuda the other day.