Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy belated Birthday to me!

So... Had breakfast with my new yachtie friend and then he asked me if I wanted to walk down Duval with him and help him find a new wallet because his is just falling apart. I said I would. We went to like 5 stores and I was just dying because I am not a shopper but I was having fun with him so I kept up. We walked into the Coach store and he was looking at the wallets and I was just wandering around aimlessly which is what I do in stores like that because I can't afford anything in there. I stopped at this really cute green handbag because I am a green feind and this was like the perfect shade of green so I was looking at it and inside and then I found the price tag.... 180 bucks... yeah I put it down... So I kept on walking around the store and this girl who worked there started talking to me and asked if I lived there and blah blah blah we were talking about the weather and all this stuff and then I realized he was standing by the door with his bag ready to go, so I excused myself from the conversation and we started down the street. About a block later he reaches in the bag and says "Happy Belated Birthday." And hands me this wrapped package... OH. MY. GOSH. I was like "YOU ARE CRAZY!" I'm like WHAT DID YOU DO? I opened it up and sure enough... there was the bag I had been admiring... I didn't even know he saw me looking at it! HOLY HELL! I'VE GOT A LIVE ONE!!!!

My new bag....
So, apparently when you don't even let a boy get close enough to kiss you (and you have a broken face) they want to buy you things.

I am so confused.

Oh my.

Gotta get ready for dinner and the yachtie tent again. He leaves on Friday morning. Ok. Bye.


I have been playing this game all wrong for a long time.... now I know how to run the show. Don't even let them near you. It makes them crazy.