Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy belated Birthday to me!

So... Had breakfast with my new yachtie friend and then he asked me if I wanted to walk down Duval with him and help him find a new wallet because his is just falling apart. I said I would. We went to like 5 stores and I was just dying because I am not a shopper but I was having fun with him so I kept up. We walked into the Coach store and he was looking at the wallets and I was just wandering around aimlessly which is what I do in stores like that because I can't afford anything in there. I stopped at this really cute green handbag because I am a green feind and this was like the perfect shade of green so I was looking at it and inside and then I found the price tag.... 180 bucks... yeah I put it down... So I kept on walking around the store and this girl who worked there started talking to me and asked if I lived there and blah blah blah we were talking about the weather and all this stuff and then I realized he was standing by the door with his bag ready to go, so I excused myself from the conversation and we started down the street. About a block later he reaches in the bag and says "Happy Belated Birthday." And hands me this wrapped package... OH. MY. GOSH. I was like "YOU ARE CRAZY!" I'm like WHAT DID YOU DO? I opened it up and sure enough... there was the bag I had been admiring... I didn't even know he saw me looking at it! HOLY HELL! I'VE GOT A LIVE ONE!!!!

My new bag....
So, apparently when you don't even let a boy get close enough to kiss you (and you have a broken face) they want to buy you things.

I am so confused.

Oh my.

Gotta get ready for dinner and the yachtie tent again. He leaves on Friday morning. Ok. Bye.


I have been playing this game all wrong for a long time.... now I know how to run the show. Don't even let them near you. It makes them crazy.


  1. That is so nice. I wouldn't take my eye off of it when I went in somewhere, someone would love to have that. He sounds like a good person. Give if a chance.

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL! Hmmmm, a guy who thinks about you AND pays attention to you? What does she mean "give IF a chance"....

    I think you should send that purse home for safe keeping. It could get salt water damage there....

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  4. That purse is yummy!!! That's pretty cool that he did that! Are you walking on cloud 9? I would be. :-)

  5. I am taking that advice! Cute bag... Sorry I have been MIA on comments and reading...

    Hope you are healing up. But no one will even look at your face. They will look at your Coach! LOL

  6. So sweet! It's those Angelina Jolie lips that are driving him mad.