Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amazing... I've still got it... even with a busted face.

so.... I went down to the Schooner Appledore dock party tonight just to "show face" because that is the true beginning of race week for us. That and the Shot and Knot contest at the Schooner Wharf bar. So I showed up just to have everyone run up to me and look at me like I was a new caveman... basically they all surrounded me and looked me up and down grunting things like "ugh.... i thought ugh...ush...:" I was like ... Uh Hi!!! Yeah I look terrible I know I fell down.... but everyone had a amazed look on their faces. So. I said .... what's wrong? Apparently... by the time the schooner kids got ahold of the rumor I had.....

A. Broken my jaw
B. Broken my nose
C. Busted all my teeth out.

Thank god for schooner talk.

So. When they finally saw me it was so much better than what they were thinking so everyone thinks i look great!

But on to better news....

I went to Martini Monday with Jason and he invited his South African friend Chris out to meet us and even with my crusty face... we hit it off... maybe it's because Chris recently stabbed himself in the face with a screwdriver and is having surgery next week to reconstruct his face... but... we really hit it off. His face has a hole in it... My face is scabby... he asked me to have breakfast with him in the morning.

I am going. You better believe it.

Even with a fucked up face he is a beautiful man....

What a funny meet cute.

I will let you know how it goes.

p.s. He drives a Porche which I am not sure Like.... but my bro drove a porche so i think its ok.... interesting.... he is just here for race week but he lives in west palm beach.... hmm....


See ya.

ps. he stabbed himself on accident... He is a sailboat rigger, he was aloft trying to fix something and he slipped and stabbed himself in the face with a 12 inch screwdriver, dodged being stabbed in the brain but poked a hole in his face from the left of his nose to the left of his left eye but broke his nose and cheek bone in the process....

he's still cute.


  1. Life around boats is ne'er dull, huh.

  2. Cute poot, can he get you a job on a boat?

    You never passed on breakfast do ya?

  3. If I didn't know you better (wait, I don't) I'd say you just made the whole screwdriver scenario up...
    Hope breakfast is dreamy. And be careful of sharp objects and hard surfaces!

  4. No I didn't make up the screwdriver thing! He has surgery next week to reconstruct his cheek bone!

    He is a rigger.

    He took me to Breakfast, and Lunch, and asked me to dinner tonight.

    Um... OK! Oh and I got an invite to the Yachtie Tent. This big circus like tent where they do all the awards and you drink free rum and beer but I am taking it easy.

    P.s. His last name is Bailey like the irish cream...

    Cruzan Rum, Bailey's irish cream. What a delight. And we have broken faces...

    Well, I'm off to meet up with him for dinner!


  5. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! You go girl! Have fun! You gonna order a screwdriver to drink at dinner? tee hee! (I know bad joke-I couldn't help it) Have fun at the yachtie tent!

  6. I bet you're shagging right now.

  7. LOL, yeah right.... you are rotten, evil roar.

  8. NO!!! NO SHAGGING!!! We had dinner then went to the Shot and Knot contest at Schooner Wharf Bar where my quickest time was 11 seconds but I got disqualified because I stepped over the line then I went home and went to sleep. But... we are having breakfast this morning. LOL.