Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello Corrinne and Family!!!

Well, I found out who my Hawaiian visitor is! Miss Corrinne from Seattle is vacationing in Hawaii with her entire family of 15 people! 15!!! God bless her! She says she found my blog a couple of months ago. What an amazing thing, thank you to Corrinne for following my pretty lame blog at the moment, but it will get better soon I promise!!!

Thanks for the encouragement! Have a wonderful vacation in Hawaii, I hear it's pretty chilly in Seattle now...


pic: me and the boys in Seattle, Harvest moon over the city.

All I want for Christmas...

Is this... CLICK HERE!

Oh... and a job... :)

Da who doray wah who doray welcome Christmas come this way!!!

I put up the tree, decorated it, and got out the other christmas decor! I arranged our Nativity Scene on the mantle, I changed out Joseph with a black wise man so we have a interracial couple and a hybrid baby Jesus. I love it!

Merry Christmas Grinches and Cindy Lou Whos!

p.s. Hello New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Vancouver!!!

Seattle Heather? Is that you?

My map shows someone North of Seattle near Norman, WA. That you? :) I am so in love with my new google map. :)

I should have blogged more...

While I was in St. Thomas. But my work days wore me out so bad that when I got home from my 11-12 hour workday I had to go right off to sleep after eating a quick dinner so I could wake up at 5:30am. I am looking through my pics and here are some for your viewing pleasure. Hell, maybe nobody likes to look at other people's pictures but I know that I love seeing my blog buddie's photos and random ramblings. So here ya go, whether you like it or not. :)

If you click on the pic it gets real big so you can make fun of my facial expressions or clothing choices... lol!

Me in Savannah, GA. Churchill's Pub. They brought that entire wood bar and shelves from England!

My best bud Meg in the galley with the chef on the charter boat job from hell... Doesn't she look happy?

Oh and look how happy I am here??? Same boat. But damn my table looks great... except for the fact that I set my table wrong... lol. the forks go on the left, knives on the right... hey, I was learning. Me and Meg on the ferry from Tortola to St. Thomas when we quit that job together. "Free at last , free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last!" I can actually see the relief on our faces. Vern, Meg and Me at the famous snorkeling/diving spot The Indians off the coast of Norman Island, British Virgin Islands. We are getting ready to jump off the boat.

Me and Meg on Josiah's bay, Tortola. My favorite beach in the world.

Me chillin on a hammock. All I want is a hammock somewhere one of these days and I will be happy. Bolongo Bay, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

One of my favorite pictures, Derek and Meg, in front of one of the frenchy cottages in Frenchtown, St. Thomas, USVI, my neighborhood.
Me. Contemplating. Megan's Bay, St. Thomas.
Old one from Savanna, GA. Me hanging out with the crew of M/Y Francine, the first megayacht I worked on, at Tubby's Bar in Thunderbolt.

Good Morning Port St. Lucie, Florida, Cypress, Texas, La Paz, Mexico

I know La Paz is Jim and Heather, HELLOOOOOOOO!

My aunt lives in Cypress but nowhere near where the little marker is, so I'm not sure if that's her or not.

I'm starving. Time for lunch.

p.s. this pic is somewhere in la paz... Heather... your mission, should you choose to accept it... find that pool and pillage it. :)

No wonder!

we live in allen... the storm is moving east.

Taking Billyblog's advice...

I WILL GET A JOB NEXT WEEK! I WILL I WILL I WILL! That phone call is coming... Monday or Tuesday... You better believe it.

Everything will be OK! I will get an AWESOME JOB next week! Just you wait and see!!!

How's that Billyblog? Is that how it works?

HOLY SHIT!!! It sounds like heaven just opened up and dropped a bucket of rocks on a hardwood floor!!!! That was scary thunder!!! I'd better get off of here and check the weather...

Hello Japan, Reading, Leicester, and Rochdale UK!

A.K.A, Maria, Lyvvie, BillyBlog and ????

Who are you ????


Hello Houston Visitor!

At first I thought the visitor was my Aunt, but as I zoomed in I realized it was coming from (inside the house!! lol, j/k) inside the loop, near downtown... I wonder who that could be... Will? Is that you?

Pic: Houston skyline.

Hello Hawiian Visitor!

I want to say hello to my lovely reader over in the great state of Hawaii, in the town of Kailua. What's your story? Who are you? How's life on Oahu? If you wish to remain annonymous that's cool too...

I just got this great new blog visit tracker that lets you zoom in to street level to see where your viewers are coming from! Totally cool! So interesting.

So, from now on I will be addressing you all... :) Kailua just so happened to be the first person to visit since I installed it.

Thanks for reading y'all. I think you rock.

The pic is of the town of Kailua.