Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Morning Port St. Lucie, Florida, Cypress, Texas, La Paz, Mexico

I know La Paz is Jim and Heather, HELLOOOOOOOO!

My aunt lives in Cypress but nowhere near where the little marker is, so I'm not sure if that's her or not.

I'm starving. Time for lunch.

p.s. this pic is somewhere in la paz... Heather... your mission, should you choose to accept it... find that pool and pillage it. :)


  1. I got a google map. Couldn't resist. It's more anon. than sitemeter so then my lover won't have to feel that I am spying on him.

  2. I love my new google map! it's so fun!

  3. I know that pool! It's the pool at Costa Baja - I have pillaged it many a time!
    So I better get a google map now too, right? Gotta keep up with the cult.

  4. you are a true pirate... i should have known!

    yep... everyone get your google maps out!!!