Friday, November 28, 2008

Taking Billyblog's advice...

I WILL GET A JOB NEXT WEEK! I WILL I WILL I WILL! That phone call is coming... Monday or Tuesday... You better believe it.

Everything will be OK! I will get an AWESOME JOB next week! Just you wait and see!!!

How's that Billyblog? Is that how it works?

HOLY SHIT!!! It sounds like heaven just opened up and dropped a bucket of rocks on a hardwood floor!!!! That was scary thunder!!! I'd better get off of here and check the weather...


  1. Yeah, I heard a big storm was hitting AZ this TG weekend, so I guess you are getting it now.

    Billyblogs's advice is good.
    I'm gonna start chanting.

  2. That's kinda how it works but you need to close your eyes and imagine living your dream, then you need to believe that what you want - what you dream of - is really going to happen. Try googling "the law of attraction" (but ignore the commercial stuff).

    Also, check out the Maxing Out website (link on my blog) and the website the same guy produced - there's some really inspiring stuff there.

    Be positive and believe in yourself :-)

  3. ...Years ago I was chatting online to someone in NZ who was on a big downer and I typed:

    "You can be who you want to be. You can do what you want to do. The only thing that's stopping you is you."

    Don't know where that came from! Maybe I read it someplace? But it hit me between the eyes when I read it back to myself and I've never forgotten those words.

    Never underestimate the power of positive thinking and the power of the mind. You can train your mind just as you can train your body. It takes hard work and effort to make your dreams a reality but anything is possible if you try.

  4. I ditto that BB... the school district I work for hands out an award every year to a deserving 'office' staff member. It's like our Oscar. Paraprofessional of the Year. The first year they gave it to a lady who had worked in the schools for years as a Secretary and had opened 3 new schools. I told the Secretary of our school "someday I'll be getting one of those!" The very next year... I got one! But you have to remind yourself daily of your goal. And it works the same way with negative thoughts too... so don't put any negative crap out.

  5. "Self-fulfilling prophecy".
    "Make it Happen".
    Kind of hard when someone else is making the decision however...
    I did try again with "Slojolea" this am - they aren't having it though...
    If you get on a big boat like that, don't forget the little people. Some of these big boats seem to have done so.

  6. Dont worry Heather, I live and breathe to knock folks off their high horses... Rudeness just will NOT be tolerated. There's no reason for it. I could never forget my roots! I was a schooner bum at the beginning!!! I love sailing folks. I won't become a pretentious assface.

    Billyblog, what's up with that? The only Kiwi's I have ever known were miserable jerks. Must be because they live on that little island in the middle of nowhere and folks are always accusing them of being Australian... I guess I would be angry too... :)