Friday, November 28, 2008

Da who doray wah who doray welcome Christmas come this way!!!

I put up the tree, decorated it, and got out the other christmas decor! I arranged our Nativity Scene on the mantle, I changed out Joseph with a black wise man so we have a interracial couple and a hybrid baby Jesus. I love it!

Merry Christmas Grinches and Cindy Lou Whos!

p.s. Hello New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Vancouver!!!


  1. This Nativity Scene is 25 years old. It was given to Jolea by her Grandma who went on a golf trip to Mexico and vowed never to go back because the Federalies at the Airport.

  2. They had golf courses in Mexico 25 years ago? Amazing...
    And that they made a black wise man 25 years ago in Mexico? Even more amazing.
    I can't believe you decorated already. It really does not feel like it could be anywhere close to Christmas ~ even with a Santa in the grocery store and horrible Mexican chipmunk children singing bad Mexican Christmas carols over the PA system.

  3. hhahahaha they have chipmunk children in mexico? amazing!!!