Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is a little disheartening.

There is a big giant High Pressure system just SITTING over utah. Just sitting there, the sun a shining, temperatures mild, barely dropping to freezing at night. I have been looking at the ski and snowboard blogs and they are going crazy! Apparently this is the first year in their memories that they haven't been out on the slopes "shreading freshies" at this time of year. Is it really possible that my bad luck has already infected Utah? I have always been a hurricane magnet and I firmly believe that St. Thomas was spared because the hurricane realized I had moved away the night before squashing the island and altered course to go between the BVI and Sint Maarten so it wouldn't hurt anyone. Now my bad karma is getting a jump on my winter escapades. I really hope Utah gets dumped on soon or I'm gonna get really bummed out.

p.s. i only thing 38% of this blog entry is true.