Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a Day!

My capt. Clement went out of town for a funeral so an Ex capt Sarah came to drive. This lady is craaaaaaaazy! So much fun! Oh my gosh. And we trained a new girl who said to me " when can i work again, i can work every day" and im like "you will my child... oh you will...." She will be working for me this week while my family is in town. Worked out great. Last night the power went out at 3am, the second night I have my ac back and the power goes out. Assholes. Anyway, its back on now, but I am so tired. I am gonna have some cocktails by my self and make some tuna sandwiches. yep. Cuz my bestest friend Meg here in the islands decided to post the pictures of my going away party when I left for Australia. When Josh wasn't MIA, or a big jerk. So now Im pissed off. And sad because I was so happy with him. Thank god there is something to look forward to in Texas, and besides that after I move home to TX Maria will go back to Mex and I will visit her! Everything is going to be amazing. Just wait and see.