Monday, June 15, 2009

Sitting still for another week or so...

Well, one of our generators bit the dust on friday so we are headed back to ft. lauderdale tomorrow for another week or so while we wait on our gen to be fixed... sucks because it puts a damper on our fun plans up north. We are still going to NYC but we may have to shorten or postpone the Boston area visit... blah. Oh well. The owner already said that we could take our time heading back south after the big new england summer trip. we will be here in the yard for 6 weeks starting in October. So we may stop in the Boston area on the way back down and also in Charleston or Savannah. I would love to go to either spot! I really miss Savannah! Mom sent me a lil care package and I asked her to send my book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil because that book is awesome and takes place in Savannah... I read this morning for about 30 mins before I had to put it down and get to work. It's just so freakin good! It's a true story so if you ever get a chance to read it I highly reccomend you do so. j

I fell in the marina on Saturday night. My cell phone and ID and credit card are at the bottom of the marina. Good thing I postponed getting that iPhone! As soon as I find a bank of america I can get a new card and get back on line. I'm so excited!

Our owners trip on Saturday went really well! Everyone had fun and they invited us to go bowling at Lucky Strikes lanes here in south beach yesterday so we did, it was so fun! We bowled and drank and ate and had a blast! I taught the owner of my boat the top gun hi-five, you know when Goose and Maverick are playing volleyball and they do the hi-five then bring it all the way around and do the low five... classic. We were on the same team so that was our deal... they are probably wondering where the hell they found me... lol!

My old chef Justin from the Seattle yacht is in ft lauderdale now too! His generator broke as well so I will be seeing them soon. I just saw them in key west a couple of weeks ago but I can't get enough of Justin and the scoot!

It's hot as hell here. South Beach Miami!!!! I am ready to get out of here though. Ready to head north where you need a blanket at night. My focsle doesnt have a/c yet so it's freakin hot in there right now. good thing mosquitos don't like me because I have been sleeping with my hatch open.

SHIT! I FORGOT TO WATCH THE SEASON OPENER OF TRUE BLOOD!!!! DAMN!!! It was last night. I will have to watch it online...

Gotta go. Back to work!