Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Movin' up and Movin' out!

Great news! I just locked down a new apartment, right downtown, right above my bar! I am so excited! A great price too! THANK YOU UNIVERSE! Now I just need my passport....

Hello There!

How y'all doin'?

Things are a bit crazy down here in old Key West! As per usual... It's slow season here, which makes the locals go a bit nuts. This is the time of year that people start getting cranky, mean, stressed out, and downright weird. The lack of people in town and the lack of money coming in creates a riff that is only cured by season coming back around. This time of year is my least favorite.

Finding things to do that you can do for free proves difficult on an island that is fueled by swirly frozen drink machines and electric cars.

It is 12:30am here. I have been asleep for like 4 hours, coming home after a bit of day drinking to take a nap ended up becoming my first half of tonight's sleep. Tomorrow starts my 2 days off before the "work week" begins. I'm going to stop drinking I think. Don't quote me or anything but I've really been on a roll this month. Stressed out about moving to a new place and work being slow and other things = self medication. A.K.A. Drinking.

I'm starting to think that booze is not the answer, more like the common denominator.

That was a pure rant.


Ok, back to the fun!

I have a ridiculously fun new bartending gig here on island. The people are great, boss is awesome and the money is good, not great, but it's a new bar and it's getting there. I really think I've found a good spot. I also work at at little restaurant that just does breakfast and lunch but it's closed till October 6th because it's slow season. When that swings back into gear I am gonna be really busy. Working 7 days a week is going to be tough but I'm hoping it keeps me out of trouble, lol!

I haven't been out on the water lately, sometimes we forget that it's one of the main reasons we live here. I did go to the beach with Ryan the other day, maybe I will do that again...

Ugh.... this is the lamest blog post I have ever written.

Sorry. I have zero inspiration. I am going back to sleep. Hopefully for a week.