Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I got a call from my best friend Meg in St. Thomas yesterday, she was busy running around tying up boats and stocking up on fresh water and bread. She said they predicted Omar to turn into a Hurricane and head northeast. I just checked the NOAA site and sure enough, Omar is now a cat 1 hurricane and is headed northeast, looks to hit St. Thomas dead center. Hopefully it wont gain too much strength before it gets there but you never know. It's traveling over warm water in the caribbean so the possibility for it to become a large storm is there. Meg works on big steel pirate ships that take people snorkeling and sailing, well one boat, Doubloon, is in the yard so as a precaution they welded her to the side of a metal building! Talk about sturdy. They took the other boat Bones into the mangroves and tied her down and set out a ton of anchors. Another worry is that miss Meg and her boyfriend Kilian live on a sailboat at the dock in Compass Point marina. Kilian says if it's a cat 1 or 2 they will stay on the boat but anything higher and they will go stay with someone on land. I am worried about them! Keep an eye on the weather.