Monday, June 30, 2008

6:15 update.

Still no word from the car dude. I am really pissed. I took the day off to do this. Fucker. Maybe this is a sign. Maybe I can keep on riding safari to and fro and save moolah. I dunno. I know I need to save some serious dosh for the new TX adventure. Maybe I should just apply for the job at the lake and use this cash I have saved up to buy a car in TX. Could this be it? I could work for another month or so and head out. I am overreacting. I just hate liars.

FUNNY story.

So this is my little friend Ryan. I met Ryan on St. John last fall at Woody's bar during happy hour, where you can get a coors light for 1 dollar. Needless to say its a free for all. He is chatting me up and I am drinking beer, so turns out he is from texas too. Blah blah blah, he is on vacation, blah blah blah, beer beer beer, on vacation with his mom, blah... what? Can I see some ID? My little friend Ryan is a senior in high school in Austin. Oh yeah. So we exchanged myspace info cuz thats what you do, and I laugh, and he cant believe im so OLD! Anyway, he is a sweetie and it's turned out to be a fun little friendship. Maybe we will all see each other one day in ten years when he is old enough to drink. hahahha! Just chatted with him online so i had to mention it. EVIL ROAR!!!!!!

In the big pic at the top of my blog...

Left to right, Grant, Matt Stapp and Me. At the river last year. Now you must go to Matt's Myspace page and listen to his music, click it! Matt is awesome. He is a coach at a high school in central Texas and moonlights as an awesome guitarist. Mom you and Dad will like his music.

Today's featured pic from the past.

Me and Ashley Norman getting ready to load up in his truck and head to the Guadalupe river camping trip in June of 2007, also known as the best time ever! I am sad I missed the trip this year.

I bought these FitFlops today...

I will let you know if my ass and thighs shrink. All I know is, they are damn comfy. Read about em at I bought the blue pair.

I wanna be on a roof for the 4th.

I remember one year we were on the roof getting ready for fireworks and I was the only one in the family on the ground, well my little brother who was probably like 12 at the time, steps on the ladder to come down off the roof and CLANK CLANK CLANK the ladder and my brother come clanking down the side of the house. Oh damn it was funny because he didn't get hurt. My mom and dad were up on the damn roof. I just couldn't stop laughing. They were concerned needless to say. But what a good story. This e card made me laugh so hard when I saw it. Wanted to share.

Day off = too much time to think.

I have been thinking. We all know that's no good. I am thinking that I want to move back to Texas next summer. Yep. I said that. I just don't want St. Thomas to end up being like Key West was for me. I need to make a plan and stick to it, by the time I left Key West I was so miserable and broke that I never wanted to see that God forsaken island ever again. It took me a long time to get over that. Now I would love to visit, but I just don't want to get bored or burned out here. I have been thinking alot about where I would live and what I would do for work and I think I have settled on the Kerrville/Bandera, or Canyon Lake areas of the Hill Country. Rent is cheap, and I could work at the lake or something. I was looking at the job ads on Kerrville's online news paper and there is a current job opening at Bandera/Medina Lake, 50,000 a year, with 2 days off in a row every week. That sounds damn good. Too bad its available now and not May of 2009. :-/. I am so happy that my fam is coming to visit now that way I don't have to upset anyone by moving along like I always do. I don't know why I am such a rambler! Is there something wrong with me? I could be worse right? At least I'm not a crack head or a whore or a drug dealer or a gambler! Being a rambler isn't so bad. I really miss driving. I miss driving across Texas with the windows down and the stereo blaring! I miss bluebonnets. I miss my family and friends who are going right on living without me. I have a few things I need to get done here before I come home so this whole year and a half or so hasn't been totally unproductive. #1 Get Captain's License. #2 Get Dive Master Certification. Thats it. Just venting. And NO MOM I'M NOT DRINKING AND BLOGGING! I am just sitting here reflecting, the power is out on the whole island and theres not much else to do but sweat and think. Not bad.

11 days to go, and the big day today!

The family will be here in 11 days, and I will go buy a car today. I really need to get off my ass right now and go to the bank, which I HATE to do here. It's like torture. Standing in a never ending line. It usually takes an hour. I must go buy some epoxy, i want to buy that new epoxy the oxy-clean guy is selling. Maria you need some of this for the boat too. I need some to repair my sunglasses. In other news, I was on a creative sewing kick last year and I was cutting t-shirts up left and right and sewing up creations and I made my old roomate from Key West a doll. I called him Simon after her bloved cat who passed away while we lived in KW, I asked her the other day how Simon 2 was doing and here is what she sent me! That green doll is the one I made. He is very soft, made of an old hoodie sweat shirt, and that gold urn he is sitting next to holds Simon the cat's ashes. So they sit there all happy and content and Samantha says she looks at him every day and smiles. Oh Mom, If you see that book at a store anywhere would you pick it up? I forget the name of it, I know one was called "sew subversive". Ok I am off to the bank! Wish me luck with the car buying event!