Monday, June 30, 2008

6:15 update.

Still no word from the car dude. I am really pissed. I took the day off to do this. Fucker. Maybe this is a sign. Maybe I can keep on riding safari to and fro and save moolah. I dunno. I know I need to save some serious dosh for the new TX adventure. Maybe I should just apply for the job at the lake and use this cash I have saved up to buy a car in TX. Could this be it? I could work for another month or so and head out. I am overreacting. I just hate liars.


  1. You are over reacting... and it is a sign. Just save your money, it will all work out.

    We'll be there soon and you won't be so lonesome. I'm going to have a Buttery Nipple now and try not to worry myself with your plans.

  2. ew buttery nipple. and why are you worrying about my plans?

  3. I just want you to be calm, and enjoy your life where you are. Don't stress over stuff.

  4. Yeah, Jolea
    Get a grip!
    You sound like me when I had off days on the boat but they were only off days because I was missing my lover; was nothing to do with the boat, even though I blamed it all on the boat cos I couldn't come out and admit I had a lover. My poor boat got so much stick from me cos of having to be undercover etc.
    You are just feeling homesick but what you have is way better than what you imagine you are missing - family aside - and hey, you get to see your family real soon.
    Before I forget, gonna go put those scarves in the post NOW.
    So cheer up and get back to the present. I tell ya, when I look back at my blog when I was on the bay and I see photos I posted - whilst in the beautiful bay - of memories from Japan or Africa, I think, 'You twat!!! You had it there. Right there. Right under your bloody nose!'.
    And this is why I am being punished now; with this year in Japan. To teach me a lesson. To help me realise just how good I had it, and will have it again.

    Speech over.