Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I knew it.

I knew there was a reason I had been thinking of coming home for the past 2 weeks, there is a reason the guy didn't call about the car, everything happens for a reason, and I am a little psychic. I didn't sleep a wink last night and now I know why.


  1. I should have kept my mouth shut....

  2. no then i would't have known why i feel so crazy and down, now i know. and now i can get through it.

  3. Ah ha. Maybe that connection is going on but the beauty of it is that you feel it, and that cos of your love for each other, it's gonna be fine.
    The power of the Cruzan family is amazing. Don't ya worry Ms Mermaid. Don't ya worry.
    p.s Love your boots in the above pic. We are gonna have some fun, girl. There's a boat with your name on it waiting for you come the end of 2009[gotta take hurricane seasons into consideration]
    Maybe schooner though. I mean, with boats, there is no plan. Buoy oh buoy I think you, me, Jack and one or two more adventuress dudes would make a great sowf pacific trip..with visits by cool parents, of course.

  4. There be pirates in them So.Pac. waters don't ya know... REAL pirates, stick to the Western World waters. They be the kind of pirates that take over cruise ships toting old ladies with huge purses. Learned all about it on the Discovery Channel, until your Dad got seasick watching the pirate speed boat bobing up and down as they stood on the deck with their machine guns and we had to change to the Dog Whisperer. I never get to finish any boat shows...

  5. oh yeah maria! our pirate trip will be oarsome! I have lots o pirate friends that are competent crew! who needs competent, they just need be fun and fearless... cant wait till the day we start the adventure! im saving my shillings!