Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just another day in paradise.

Today was weird. My life is a little crazy. My co-worker thinks I am the most fun person he and his friends have ever met and I have recieved more invitations to parties than anyone could ever attend. Its all because of the St. John Carnival night. You know, the picture where we are all having so much fun... Reminds me of this awesome lady I had on the boat on a charter one day. She was from New Orleans, she was 92 years old, sharp as a tack, taught me 5 dirty jokes and one killer toast, told me I was "cute as a button" about 8 times and nearly adopted me when I showed her my tattoo of the Fluer Di Lis I have on my left hip bone. She told me, "I raise my glass to every toast, accepting all invitations." I can only hope I have the energy to do so when I am 92. I got news from home, news from my best friend Kassidy, and thank goodness, for once, my best friend on the island Meg answered her phone. She came over and we watched Sex and the City, ate quesadillas and dip, drank kool aid, made coca cola floats, and talked about our plans. She is in the same situation as I am, she has family issues and friends getting married having babies sick relatives and all the dramas that i have too, and we both kind of leaned on each other today and have decided to stay through the tourist season to save money then go home. Too bad she has to go to Jersey... I am happy she will be here for me. We will be here for each other. She also had some interesting news about my ex, Josh, the only boy I have ever run back to in the history of me running away from boys, has been posted MIA. As in nobody knows where he is. He left about 2 months ago after saying goodbye to me one morning, hopped on a boat and headed across the Atlantic to England. Apparently he made it safely to England, but as far as that goes, no one has seen him since. His family has been calling, the company, old friends, me, no one has heard from him. I think I deserve that. It's all Karma dating back to my evil disappearing act of 2007. We wont go into that. I can kind of understand why one would wanna disappear for a while, but not from your family. They are worried Josh, if you read this, please call them. I don't care to hear from you but you have like a ton of home schooled family members in Wisconsin who don't understand why you would abandon them. In case something bad has happened to you, I hope you are ok, and I hope you are happy wherever you are. I am joining the search and rescue by posting a picture of you. He is on the right, wearing the stupid hat. He has plenty of identifying tattoos so he shouldn't be hard to spot. He is proof that once you stop running away from them, they run away from you. I didn't even do anything crazy!
I sure hope the first person to find him isn't me. I will give new meaning to "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.". In all seriousness, I hope he is ok, damn. I am so greatfull for my family and friends and I hope everyone is happy and healthy and just keep telling yourselves... "everything will be ok in the end, if its not ok then its not the end."


  1. he is just as big a pain in the ass online as he is in the real world. apparently he wont be posted in picture form... or maybe my internet is being slow. either way. jerk.

  2. I'm glad you and Meg are there for each other, I can't wait to meet her. It's good that you gals can have a plan together,like Maria, stick to your plan no matter how hard it is, it will all work out in the end.

    Kool-Aid? What kind? Black Cherry? Your dad would go crazy... I think I'll surprise him with some today!!! Evil Roar!

  3. regular cherry, cant find black cherry.