Monday, June 30, 2008

11 days to go, and the big day today!

The family will be here in 11 days, and I will go buy a car today. I really need to get off my ass right now and go to the bank, which I HATE to do here. It's like torture. Standing in a never ending line. It usually takes an hour. I must go buy some epoxy, i want to buy that new epoxy the oxy-clean guy is selling. Maria you need some of this for the boat too. I need some to repair my sunglasses. In other news, I was on a creative sewing kick last year and I was cutting t-shirts up left and right and sewing up creations and I made my old roomate from Key West a doll. I called him Simon after her bloved cat who passed away while we lived in KW, I asked her the other day how Simon 2 was doing and here is what she sent me! That green doll is the one I made. He is very soft, made of an old hoodie sweat shirt, and that gold urn he is sitting next to holds Simon the cat's ashes. So they sit there all happy and content and Samantha says she looks at him every day and smiles. Oh Mom, If you see that book at a store anywhere would you pick it up? I forget the name of it, I know one was called "sew subversive". Ok I am off to the bank! Wish me luck with the car buying event!


  1. I'm going to the library today, I know you checked it out there, I'll get the name, then go to half/price books.... you may have to get it on-line. I know they had it at Urban Outfitters but I'm not driving all the way down there and I don't have anyone to ride the train with me... ohh maybe Jeannette will want to....