Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Hello to Stockholm, Sweeden! I'm pretty sure that is Rebecka my crewmate from the delivery from hell, M/Y Francine, and S/V Wanderlust. Wow! We worked together a lot last year! This is Rebecka in Savannah, GA last year.

Hello Ft. Lauderdale! That could be Courtney! Is that you?

Hi to Fremont, California! I have quite a few folks in that neck of the woods reading. Thanks!

And a big warm hello to Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada! North of Winnipeg. Stay warm up there y'all!

On to today's news:

I have been exploring the world through Google Earth. I love it. I put little yellow push pins in all the places where my friends live all over the world. I have one in San Carlos, Mexico stuck in a boat that I am sure is Arigato Jack. (probably isn't but i don't care) I have one in La Paz that's probably stuck in the wrong marina, stuck ones in my roof and my aunt's roof and my Grandparents roof in Texas too. In addition to sticking push pins in places I know of I have put them in places I would like to visit.

I have on on the islands of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. I would love to see them before they are gone. These islands are only a few feet above sea level as it is... they will be gone soon if the ocean level rises much.

I have one on this blue pond I found in Colorado. Its a small, round, perfectly blue pond. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees.

I also have one on this island called Tristan da Cunha. It's the remotest island on the planet. There is a settlement of people on that island that are all direct descendants of the original european settlers from the 1800's. I would love to see how they live so isolated. The website is interesting. Click HERE to go to it. You can only get there by boat.

Another place I push pinned is Los Angeles, because I wanna go. New York City as well. And Paris.

I also found a perfect uninhabited (possibly uninhibited) beach in the Bahamas. I'm not telling you where though...

Anyway, I hope to eventually get to these places. I think I will. In the mean time I have been busy designing my Tiny House, floor plans and all. Trying to stay focused on a goal.

Tomorrow is Monday. The day when the yachting industry comes back to life. I have a plane ticket to Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday if things don't sound promising by then...

I will get a job soon! I will!

Oh! And hello to Sao Paulo, Brazil! Hola! Como esta? Muchas gracias por leandos! (I think they speak portugese there but all I have is some spanish. Hope that's ok! :) )


  1. I hope you're wearing hard-soled slippers with all those pins lying around.

  2. You shore have a lot of readers... I think I have five total.
    PS I will email you a google earth pic of where "Meerkat" is.

  3. You shore have a lot of readers... I think I have five total.
    PS I will email you a google earth pic of where "Meerkat" is.

  4. You shore get a lot of comments.

  5. You shore get a lot of comments.

  6. You shore get a lot of comments.

  7. WOW! I HAVE A LUCY DOUBLE COMMENT AND A SUPER LUCKY TRIPLE COMMENT!!!! I can feel it... I'm getting a job soon.... this is great!

  8. I love the Maldives. Go! It's a beautiful remote spot. Gilligan's Island. Not sure why I came back.

  9. i need to get back to the sun. my tan is completely GONE. I was looking for my tan lines and couldn't find them. It's a sad day.