Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sailing.... take me away....

Hello! I know, I know, I haven't been updating my blog but my computer wont connect to our internet for some reason and I have no time to take it to the mac Dr. so I have to use the boat computer whenever I can...

So, here we go.

The boat is great! Crew is fun, we get alog really well. I made some new friends while we have been in the yard here at Powell Bros. Marine in Ft. Lauderdale. The crew of the megayacht Double Haven have been entertaining. Danny and Ian... thanks for entertaining me! Ian took me to a badass concert on Tuesday night, the artist was Bon Iver and it was freakin' sweet!!!

It's been a busy week because we are putting the boat back together as it has been torn apart for a month, dust everywhere, the deck is covered in soot from the damn generator for the yact next to us so that is a big job. 82 feet of teak. Not to mention waxing the hull and the white parts on deck... all my job.

Tomorrow we head to Key Largo where we will anchor out for the night just the crew, then we will have guests on board Sat. morning and will sail north to Miami Beach where they will get off. We will be staying in Miami till Monday or Tuesday and then we will head to New York City! We are headed straight there, no stops, head out into the gulf stream and ride it up more than likely. Capt. says it should only take us 5 days.

They dropped the iPhone down to 99 bucks so I think I am going to buy one on Sat. when we get to Miami. My phone is acting up. I think I finally dropped it too many times. I will post some pictures when I can, we have a camera on board so don't worry we will be documenting our adventures!

Boy... I'm hungry.

OH my, so I have gained like 10 pounds since I got on this boat. Amy cooks all this great food and I just can't not eat it! I am stopping today though... I went from eating maybe half of what I have been now and riding 10 miles a day on my bike and walking all over the island all evening to eating 2 full meals a day and never leaving the boat. Makes a big difference.

Well, that's the news... Not too exciting yet! But it will be... :)


  1. Sounds awesome! Back on the water. Yes!

  2. Jolea that sounds just freaking awesome! I'm so delighted for you! Have a great sail and good time on your way up to New York! :)

  3. Brilliant, hope the weather stays as it should whilst you sail....

  4. Thanks, I thought I was going to have to take over, or come out there, or call in the Mounties or someone.

    Could we get an emergency contact just in case we need to let you know we won the lottery or something. You know how your Dad is about emergency contacts.

  5. WOW !!!
    Your in the grove now... So stoked for ya.. M

  6. Yahoo!! Key Largo sounds nice right now... better than what we will be doing... Enjoy! Eat up!