Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Got a haircut and re-squeezed the spinnaker...

Productive day at the dock here at Harbour Towne Marina in Dania Beach, Fl.

This morning started out with our computer tech from New Orleans coming to the boat to sort our our interwebs problems... needless to say I am up and running on my mac! I feel relaxed and at home now that I have my own bunk and my computer attached to the web. Ahhhh....

Then I pulled everything out of the lazarette so we could get the giant spinnaker out of there, when I say giant.... I mean GINORMOUS!!! This thing weighs like 500 pounds. no joke. That's it, the colorful one in the pic. Well we had to raise it in its squeezer thingy that keeps it all together and re-pack it because it was all messed up so that was a sweaty job. Then we put it back in the laz and I packed all the dive gear and lines and fishing gear on top of it. whew!

Then, we did some laundry and the guys came to disassemble the generator that decieded to eat itself last week. Dirty job. Then I cleaned the interior and tried out the new vacume we bought. It's VERY quiet and light.

Then we took the bimini down and gave it to the cleaning dudes to get the stains removed before we leave next week.

Then we wrapped things up and headed into town. Lee needed to go to Best Buy to get a new flat screen and blu ray player so he dropped me and Amy off at the hairdressers because we both were in desperate need of a hair cut. I haven't had mine cut since D.D. cut it last year... no joke... So the lady started cutting, and cutting... and cutting... she cut about 4 inches off. I needed it. Feels good! Now it's time to color it and get on the big blue watery road. North bound and down, rollin up and truckin'!!!

Amy is cooking traditional english "Toad in a hole" and no Mom... It's got nothing to do with eggs in toast...

Sausages laid in the bottom of a baking dish, covered with a mixture of eggs, milk and flour, baked in the oven till the whole thing rises like a big biskit!

p.s. that pic was taken before our hair cuts in Miami Beach.



  1. Look at you! In your cute little yachtie uniform. Like the first day of school pictures! We're all beaming with pride! So happy for you-you were really onto something when you said you felt a change in the wind. You must be really tuned into your ESP! :)

  2. WOW thats such a good pic!! Love that spinny never ran anything that big OMG!! That would be fun! ..........Lucky!!!

  3. LOL yeah I'm way into my ESPN.... I am really excited. We won't be using the spinny anytime soon because you need like 7 people to put it up. Yeah the picture is funny, we look so cheesy!

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  5. Well evidently they have a different species of toads in Jolly Ole. Paula Deen had a different name for them too. I am so glad you have yourself connected. I can't wait to tell DD you finally got a hair cut... what 8 mos.?