Friday, November 21, 2008

2 more nibbles...

I got a phone call today from an agent at Crew4Crew asking if she could send my CV over to a 105ft motor yacht about to start a WORLD tour. I said... YES.

I got an email from a Captain on this new site I signed up for called asking if I was interested in a stewardess job he was trying to fill on a 145ft motor yacht. I said...YES.

Seeing as how I haven't heard from Avalon I am saying YES to all offers. (not all... most)
I was really holding out for that job on Avalon. Sounds like a great itinerary. Oh well, I am going to have to take what I can get. If I can get anything.

Seattle Heather, you need to sign up for, It's going to be alot like but it seems to be more about networking for jobs than Dockwalk. Dockwalk seems more like a facebook type thing, (like we need another one) on yachtcircle you actually put your resume up and add your experience and all that good stuff. Just a heads up! :)


  1. Does this mean I am Meerkat Heather or La Pa Heather or Mexico Heather - or I know Original Heather. ;)

  2. you are the Original Heather! But I call you Meerkat Heather when I talk to mom... its a good thing. could be worse... you could be waterbuffalo heather.

  3. That's my girl... I've trained her extensively in boosting people's egos. You are Heather, Heather, the other one is Seattle Heather. You are the first.

  4. Or Rodent Heather. Or Pig Heather. Or oh nevermind. I win. Original Heather is good. I will take it. Sorry Seattle Heather, but at least your 2nd name is good. And the Seattle part could very well change to Tahiti or Pago Pago or FIJI ! ! !