Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just a little blurb.

When you live alone and you get creative with meals so you dont have to cook a meal every night, you find yourself buying food you never thought you would! Case in point, Hungry Jack instant mashed potatoes! I have tried the Roasted Garlic and Skins, and the Cheesey Mashed Potatoes and both are DELICIOUS!!! It's so easy, you just pour the mix in a bowl, add water and microwave! Flippin fabulous. It makes enough for like 3 helpings at least, probably 5 if you eat a normal amount of potatoes, but I am not normal. So, that's my 2 cents.

I also eat a lot of tuna fish sandwiches and Ramen noodles, maybe this is why I have heartburn. Who knows. Killian is on an "Alkali" diet, I asked him if he likes "AA" or "AAA" better? Yeah thats Alkaline. Anyway he is on the battery diet because he has such bad heart burn. Think I will look into that.

Ok. gotta finish cleaning my apt. I am throwing away clothes I never wear and stuff I don't need. Just in case I get a job and have to go.


  1. Don't you dare throw those new tank tops away! Hey, why don't you donate them, recycle and reuse....

  2. HAHA, Last night was a can of clam chowder with a can of tuna and a can of green beans, olives and the last shot of Jack. I feel your pain sis (my poop looks funny)
    Saturday we eat!!!

  3. You are what you eat!

  4. i went to the grocery store today cuz i got paid, bought some salad, carrots, salami, and tortillas. oh and pickles. i love pickles. its a start. im having sald for dinner. :)