Monday, August 11, 2008

Picture for comparison...

He is pretty much making the same face in this pic, like brother like sister. Yeah my bro drinks like I do...

He is second from the left.

My poor brother. No wonder he never calls... hahahhahah what are sisters for?

ACTUALLY MY BROTHER IS COMING TO VISIT ME IN TWO WEEKS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! And he is bringing a friend. We are gonna be like kids at camp, all in my little apt. It's preparing them for backpacking in Europe.


  1. Ya'll did not get that drinking influence from me growing up.... bunch of party hounds.

  2. I never drank like that, ha ha

  3. Jeffy is cuter than that other guy, and anita is a huge liar! She is still drinking like that!

  4. yall quit fighting about it... Jeff and I are both huge lushes with major morals. congrats ladies.