Thursday, August 14, 2008


Like, a HUGE swirly round storm about to smack us! I'm tellin ya, I think I am a hurricane magnet. They haven't had a hurricane here in over 10 years and I come down and bam, they are lining up one after another! Happened in Key West too, there were more hurricanes there in the 2 years I lived there than they ever had before. Does that sentence have too many Th-words in it? There they than the ..... Whatever. So I guess Jill and Doug went to the store to stock up on supplies for the next day or two of storms. Its not a Hurricane yet but they are talking about upgrading it to a tropical storm soon. Geez. Good thing I live in the hurricane proof concrete cave! Yesssssss! OH they just decided to name it FAYE! Thanks alot Faye!


  1. We watch weather every day. Pretty much all day.
    Good luck on this one and thanks for linking me and my sister's jewelry!!!!
    Good luck on the Taco Bell thing :)

  2. No prob! I love your sister's jewelry! As soon as I get un-poor i wanna get one of those little city map bubble necklaces!

  3. Speaking of bracelets... I'll give Jeff some money for you to buy me a Cruzan hook. It would be cool if I could buy one from one of the store on line for Grandma.

    Tell Faye congratulations on her upgrade. Who's that yellow one bringing up the rear?

  4. Something else, there is one behind that too, a big one coming off Africa, they say we need to watch that one. Whatever I am outta here in 3 weeks anyway.

  5. Yeah but Jeff is coming in about 10 days.... we're having sympathy thunderstorms for you today. But we need it, many of the yards are completely dead.