Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Chili Cookoff!

There were nothing but Texas flags and Texas people all over the beach!

Capt Jim and Mango brought Bones over so we could play on the pirate ship in between chili tastings.
Mango Swings

Even old Jim gives it a shot!

Alex and Dave with the Can People! Later that day it got so hot that they "condensated" their marriage! lol

A view down Brewers Bay Beach at the Chili Booths


  1. Brewers Bay beach looks good, did we go there?

  2. its not as good as it looks. it backs up to the runway and its where all the cab drivers bathe in the morning, the water doesnt circulate well in the bay so everyone who gets in the water gets staph if they have a cut. so no. i did not take you there. its just a good spot for the cookoff because its wide and long and easy to get to.