Sunday, August 3, 2008


SICK AND TIRED OF BEING WALKED ALL OVER! TIRED OF BEING PUNISHED FOR BEING A GOOD EMPLOYEE! TIRED OF BUSTING MY ASS AND NOT GETTING ANY COMPENSATION! This morning I finally took a stand. I can't believe I did it. I shouldn't feel bad about it but I do of course. Here's how it goes at work, I get there early and set up the whole boat because I have to do it by myself because my co-worker never shows up on time and if I got there at 7am like we are told to we would never get the boat ready in time for the guests. Ok so I set up the boat and usually my co-worker strolls in at about ten after seven and gets bags of ice for the day. Thats all he does. I do all the paper work for customs and immigration which takes a while and is just a pain in the ass. Then I spend all day chatting with the guests, telling my life story 15 times a day, then I lead the tour through the baths park and do all the talking and ushering. I bust ass. Then I put all the lunch stuff away and make up a snack tray for the afternoon, I don't know where my co-worker is when all this is going on, then he gets pissy when he has to hand out the snorkel gear "all by himself", well guess what?!?!?!?! I am tired of it! This morning he calls the captain and says he is not coming in to work because he stayed out all night drinking. So there are only 21 people booked so thats fine with me, I would rather work alone and make all the tips myself instead of him coming along hungover and watch him curl up in the snorkel gear cabinet and sleep it off the first half of the day. I already have all the people on the boat and he shows up!!! its 7:50. We leave at 8. I tell him to go home because he gets away with this shit all the time and I get the short end of the stick. The capt wants him on the boat. He is probably still drunk and I don't even want to see him, so the capt tells me i can just go home then. WELL OK! ITS BETTER THAN BEING WALKED ALL OVER LIKE I HAVE BEEN FOR 6 MONTHS!!! My capt and I talk on the dock for a bit, but I just can't shake my anger. I just know that the message I would be sending if I got back on the boat would have been "yep he got away with it again, we can always count on jolea, walk all over her and she will still work no matter what. " Im done being guilt tripped into this shit. No wonder they cant keep crew, no one likes to be trampled on. I can't believe I have taken it this long. He shouldn't get away with just showing up drunk whenever he wants. I wake up at 5am and ride on a safari for 45 mins every morning just to go to work. I do it. I don't go out drinking when I have to work in the morning because I am an ADULT! I may not have acted like an adult this morning but sometimes you have to do things you dont want to do to get your point across. If I get fired then so be it. I don't know where I will work but things always work out. I have faith in myself and the universe that everything will be ok. I hate being unhappy at work. I feel sick. I probably have an ulcer. I am constantly worried about a job that shouldn't be stressful. It should be fun and it's not. I feel sorry for my capt because now he has to deal with a drunk or hungover crew member all day. I have a headache now. I have so many good things in my life and so many blessings, i just wish my job was one of them. THIS IS A RANT AND I AM FULL AWARE OF THAT. The end.

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  1. Maybe that's what Clement needs, is a little taste of Akim reality. You are right, everything will work out. Your hard work will pay off in the end. And knowing Akim, he'll forget to put the tip pig out.