Sunday, August 10, 2008


Can I just tell yall how much I LOVE the Olympics??? I do! I watched the opening ceremonies the other day and I am telling ya, I shed a tear. And I can't tear myself away from it to watch anything else! I am watching diving now. I watched Phelps win the gold last night and I am gonna stay up and watch him tonight! I guess it's the whole patriotic thing. I can remember being so young and singing the olympics song and jumping off buckets and couches and pretending I was a gymnast. "TA DAAAAAAAA!" So I'm gonna get back to watching. Oh and today I got out a bit and went over to Carlos's place and played a little guitar, I almost gave him my guitar today but I figured I would wait till I leave. I told him I was leaving and he was kind of upset. He said "Maybe you will change your mind" ha ha then I made some bitchy comment and he said "You have a bad genius" I'm like WHAT? Carlos just moved here from Puerto Rico and some things are lost in translation, it's so fun to talk to him because he understands everything just has a hard time with some phrases in english. After I laughed for a minute or so, I said "You mean bad ATTITUDE I have a bad ATTITUDE!" Haha! He blushed and I laughed some more. Then he said "What happens to your stupid boyfriend?" HAHAHAA! I really cant get over this guy, hes hilarious! I said we broke up and he said "See? It's your genius. Your attitude." So Carlos in all his Puerto Rican clairvoyance has decided that it's my fault. He is wrong. Hahahah! My genius is just fine. Well today I got to go in the house with no windows, as in there is no glass or screens, it was amazing. It is the coolest house ever. Sadly they moved the old man up to Baltimore who lived there for 70 years so it just feels so empty. Amazing but empty. I would bet money that when he dies he will come back to that house. I know I would. Ok I am really going now!

Night Night!


  1. The correct pronunciation for how you said it was "tuuuuu daaaaaaah" And then you would jump. I wondered if you were thinking about that.

    We watched the archery today... those Korean girls are scary!

    Tell Carlos I said HI!

  2. The blond girl on the gymnastic team. her last name is Leutkin or something like that... he dad is a coach. They live in Parker!

  3. oh yeah i really think i can be an olympian in the shooting sports category... maybe thats my next thing....

  4. yeah thats what i was thinking about mom. tuuuuu daaaaaaaaaaaaaa