Sunday, August 10, 2008

For Lyvvie...

Click HERE

Go on... move to Melbourne... I dare ya....

heheehehheheheheh just kiddin...


  1. She wants to meet a roo.... you can link to her from mine Obentobaby or from Maria.

  2. I want to eat a roo! I'm told they taste like venison. I just read in the BBC news that roos release far less toxic gases from belching and farting than both cows and sheep, so Australia want to increase Roo eating and decrease beef and lamb herds to further reduce their carbon footprint. Article is here

    However, I do live in a country that had it's own gangland wars in recent history called "The Ice Cream Wars" which, you guessed it, was about ice cream van turf. Can you imagine the tinkling tune of the ice cream van coming down the road and then the semi-automatic weapon killing off the competition?? The vans also sold drugs, it wasn't just about dairy products. Welcome to Scotland. (That was slightly exaggerated, We don't have guns)

    I think this was the motivation for the ice cream van sequence in Vice City.

  3. Well let me tell ya sister... Melb is Hardcore! Its fun in the way that Southie is fun. Like if you know the right people you will have fun. I forget where Lyvvie is from... If you dont know what Southie is , thats South Boston. The hardest of the hard core violen neighborhoods. best chronicled in the movie The Boondock Saints.

    Watch it. Love it. Talk about it.