Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quickly! Before my power cord melts through!!

I electrical taped my cord together so I could get some power to check email and give a little update! I am totally bored and broke! I got to work one day this week, got food poisoning on monday and was down for 2 days, down to my last 25 bucks till my card gets here, probably gonna spend half of it on hair color because my roots are OUT OF CONTROL! Hey, just cuz im poor doesn't mean I have to look like it. Other than that I have given lots of old clothes to Jill to pass out to the local crackheads and I have already seen them sporting their new duds around Frenchtown. hahah! I'm like, those are my shorts, shirts... at least someone is using them. I am trying to fit all my stuff into 2 suitcases and a huge backpack so today I am doing a mock pack to see just how much I need to get rid of. Its gonna suck. In other news, Jeff and Zack will be here on Thurdsay and we will have sooooo much fun! Jeff wants to get SCUBA certified while he is here so I'm gonna call in the favor to my buddy Toby who I met at the airport while waiting for my Mom and Aunt to fly in a month or so ago. He is a SCUBA instructor. Honestly nothing is going on here, I hang out in my apt all day because I can't do anything else. I should at least be hanging by the pool and soaking up the sun. Hmmmmm that sounds nice, gotta go!


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  1. I was wondering when you were going to realized you could go outside.... You are in paradise, take advantage of it even if all you can do is look at it. You'll be back in scenic Allen soon and have nothing to look at but the backyard or that water tower over there.