Saturday, August 9, 2008


I FINALLY GOT MY VOICEMAIL SET UP ON MY CELL! I have had this phone for months... I have never set up my voicemail because whenever I call to try it my robot lady is speaking spanish! As hard as I try I can't understand her only when she says "regresar" or telefono numero diez digits. So I have been trying and trying and screaming ENGLISH!!! into the phone for months and then finally today, there was an english robot telling me to press 1 for english. Thank you Jesus! So I finally got a human on the phone but as always the girl was an idiot and when I got off the phone nothing was fixed. I called back and waited another 15 mins on hold but got a cute sounding guy and I have had a glass or two of wine so I was real sweet to him and wouldn't ya know it.... I HAVE VOICEMAIL AND THERE ARE NO MORE SPANISH SPEAKING LADIES ON MY PHONE!!!! I tell ya, wine will save the world. If I was wine-less I would have been all pissed off about the first lady and taken it out on the guy but hey, I am feelin warm and fuzzy so we got it all worked out. One love. So yall can call me! And leave me messages! And dont be mad if i dont answer the phone because i cant see who it is when you call so unless its a cingular customer it says Anonymous call and I dont answer those. so creepy. Leave a message!

Get up stand up.
Stand up for your voicemail rights!

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  1. Good to know, I'll not be answering my cell phone at all now and my voice mail will go back to my original message. How I wish you were here to record it. You know the one that said, "you have reached my mom's phone, don't leave a message... call her at work or at home." Maybe I'll pretend to be you and change it to "call her at work where she doesn't pay the bills"