Saturday, July 5, 2008

Un freaking believable.

So, I am at home, its 10am, and I was supposed to be at work at 7am. Thank god it was a small group on the boat today. I slept through my sleep alarm. I hit the snooze button, so I thought, and went back to sleep. At about 9am I woke up to the sun shining in my window, which never happens because I leave the house before the sun comes over the Mountain, and I freak out! I call my boss after plugging my now dead phone in, restarting it because I have no signal in my little casa, and I get no answer. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! I call the office and talk to one of our office girls Dereen, she just laughs at me and says that Akim did come to work and there were only 20-something people, these things happen. Well this has never happened to me, I am always so early to work and I NEVER call in sick. She said she would tell Clement I called when he calls her. I am sure he was calling my cell and getting nothing because I live in a cave and I never have any reception! I am so mad at myself. I am surprised my body clock didn't snap me awake. I think I was just really tired because I worked a full trip yesterday, then I worked a busy trip for the fireworks last night, and it was way past my bedtime when I got off work that I just had to sleep. Hope I don't get fired. We don't have a boat tomorrow so my next work day is on Monday! woo hoo! I better get over to the bank and get a money order to send home. See ya!

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