Saturday, July 5, 2008

I got bored.

I cut my hair. I took like 4 inches off my bangs. I am not wearing any make up and look like the night of the living dead. I gotta go have dinner with my fake boyfriend. bye.


  1. Looks lovely. You've got such nice hair. My hair is still struggling to grow out from the massacre that happened to it in Mexico last year. It grows soooo slowly. You are sooooooooo lucky.
    My hair is vicariously living through your hair this year.
    Have a great time tonight.

  2. You look so young.... like a wee child... so innocent, evil roar!
    Hope you have a unfake good time with the fake boyfriend.

  3. Now that I look at this again, your eyes remind me of the Puss on Shrek... just before he kicks ass on the soldiers. Evil roar.

  4. my fake boyfriend couldnt even hang tonight. ran into two ex boytoys at the bar but no big deal. The bartender at the bar we went to happens to be into me as well. so I just cant keep up. this is why i stay home at night and why i dont go to red hook unless i have backup! now i am home and alone and sooooooo happy about that. theres nothin i hate more than someone in my bed taking up all the space.