Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dont freak out mom!

So, I used to watch the movie The Never Ending Story like every day when I was younger. My mom hates it. I watched it the other day on tv here and it freaked me out. What a crazy story! No wonder I turned out this way, I watched too much Never Ending Story and Goonies! Wait, you can never watch the Goonies too many times. Funny picture.


  1. Why did you do that? Now I can hear that fricking song in my head!!!!

  2. dooo da doooo da doooooooooooo tha never ending storrrrrrrreeeee1eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee la da da ladada ladad lada lada!!!!

  3. STOOOOOOOOOPP! That makes me crazy!
    Jeff would probably want to watch it.