Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

OH! What? It's September you say? Well, I know that!

I wasn't home for Thanksgiving or Christmas last year and probably won't be here for Christmas this year either, so Dad suggested we have Thanksgiving tonight! It's my favorite meal of the year! So, I have spent all morning making a home made from scratch Cheesecake!!! My favorite dessert in the world! Check this baby out!

In about an hour I will be popping the turkey in the oven and at about 5:30 we will start making the fixins!!!

This is a great day!

I hope the cheesecake tastes as good as it looks, I'm a little worried because I substituted "mexican sour cream" for the cup of sour cream the recipe called for. I don't really know the difference between "mexican" and "american" sour cream, except the mex sour cream was really runny. Kinda like us when we drink the water there...


I will let ya know!


  1. Crema Casera es mas mejor de crema Americano. I could drink that stuff and it made the cheese cake sooooo good.

    This little chic is quiet the cook.

  2. Recipe please!! I'm a cheesecake whore!

  3. Lyvvie, I should pack up my cheesecake cookbook and ship it to you. I never use it now that Jolea is always gone.