Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So happy.

An old un kindled flame re kindles in the blink of an eye.

This is Matt. He worked with me at Chili's in Mckinney in 2007 or 2006 I can't remember when. Anyway we always had so much fun talking about music and he is a Drummer. Well he had a girlfriend when I met him who also worked at Chili's... I hated them together. I always though she was bad for him and a bad influence and that of course he would be better off with me. Well turns out things got bad and worse with those two and we lost Matt for a while. I kept in touch with Matt's parents to see if he was ok and he eventually ended up in the San Antonio area and has since moved away from the crazy girl and lives in Austin, has re started his band with his best friend and they are going to start playing gigs in the fall. Well we keep in touch and I always felt a good vibe between us and we have been talking alot on Facebook and Myspace and tonight I decided after he wrote me that he missed me, that I would spill the beans about my crush on him. To my complete surprise he said he felt the same and always thought we had a great chemistry. Now I have emailed him and said "STAY AWAY FROM ALL FEMALES TILL I GET HOME IN THE SPRING" good luck kiddo. Either way its so nice. Matt is really awesome. Tall dark and handsome. Has tattoos but not all over his body, Has a college degeree! I sure hope he doesn't read this and think im crazy.... Anyway. All I know is I am looking forward to Texas even more now.... :)))))))


  1. what you cant see in this pic is his beautiful blue eyes... oh my.

  2. Ha ha.
    This is such a gin post.