Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My most favorite thing this week...

I bought myself an electric skillet!!!! I love it! It makes living in a small concrete box with no kitchen quite lovely! I can cook anything in that thing! I made myself chicken teryiaki for dinner last night, and I made myself a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and fried ham this morning! I tell ya, I have never felt better! I even caught a glimpse of myself in the big mirror a second ago and said "you look healthy!" thats a good thing no? Thought you might like to know this useless bit of info about my life. The end.


  1. And then around 10 it will hit you... man I feel sluggish. It's all that heavy food you had for breaky!

  2. studies show that people who eat a brekky high in carbs lose more weight than people who eat only protien. true story. thats why i did it.

  3. You are right... yours was only half and half. People who eat any breaky tend to not gain weight. =

    Where are we gona eat breaky when the fam gets there? Uncle Michael makes a mean breaky....