Thursday, June 26, 2008

Uh... uh.... this is gonna be bad!

I am sitting at my window watching a huge by large cloud drift toward my casa from the BVI. It is 5:30am and I have to walk across the hood in ten mins. Gotta go to work. I have been busy working the past few days, a private sunset sail on tuesday and an early morning ferry trip from Virgin Gorda to STT yesterday for which I woke up at 4am. Good news, I finally used my french I have been learning in the real world! I was standing on the corner waiting for Safari next to this guy, I said "good afternoon" to which he smiled and spoke a broken "good afternoon". I asked him if he was waiting for Safari too and he just looked at me and nodded "Safari" I said "english?" he said "no" so I said "como esta?" (this guy was black so I just started trying the languages I knew best) he laughed and said "parlez vous frances?" (totally wrong spelling give me a break) I beamed as I replied "oui! Jou ma pel Jolea! Et tois?" he looked surprised, and just started rattling french to which I laughed and said "woah woah woah! thats all i know!!!" haha so I am learning. Oh I did tell him Bon Soiree! Ok gotta walk to the safari stop. Better get my suction cup dart gun. The pic is the Cathedral Room in the Baths at Virgin Gorda, I go there every day.


  1. I'm gasping... I wanna go there!

    Keep up the French... Mema is dancing a jig in heaven!