Thursday, June 26, 2008

A lovely day on the water.

It was beautiful on the water today, I got a sunburn for the first time in ages! It feels good. In other good news, I may have found a better deal on a car than taking over the gas guzzling Izuzu Trooper I was "inheriting" from Warren. It's a Suzuki Sidekick, soft top, just like I wanted, for only 1000 bucks! I have to wait till monday to check it out because the owner is in St Croix on vacation this weekend, he is moving away from STT on July 7th so has to sell fast. I bet I can get him to take 900. Anyway, I just really hope I can get it all taken care of and start being independent, not having to ride the safari everywhere, I can't go to friends houses or out to dinner because I have to catch safari, it doesn't run after sunset. I just want to be able to go anywhere and do anything without worrying about the time of day. My air conditioner is still broken. I took Jill and Doug's oscillating fan and put it in my one window to suck the cool air from outside and pump it into my room. It feels like its working. Well, I sure hope I get the suzuki because I really want a convertible and I also want the good gas mileage! Cheers! Oh and HI to Ashley Norman, he called me today out of the blue to say hello and tell me he has a new girlfriend, so glad my buddies from High School call once a year to tell me about their love lives. It was really nice to hear his voice though! Thanks for calling love!


  1. Too bad Jeffrey isn't there to make a smokin' deal on that car... something about him when he's buying a car that people just give him their car for a fraction of what they are asking... he must look like that cat on Shrek or somthing... you know, when he's holding his hat in his little paws and has those big sad eyes.... then when he drives away and they are standing there with $500 less than what they wanted they say "what was that? Was that the damn cat from Shrek?"

  2. haha! I have never seen the shreck.