Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm gonna stop being a whiny wahine on here. I just got a big spoon full of "you never know who's reading your blog". IN A GOOD WAY! Full moon's always bring the unexpected. :) Thanks for reaching out!


  1. blogging can be dangerous for your health. That's why I don't advertise to friends and family. People just find me. I would also hate any prospective employers to see my crazy side on the net. Good lord...you know I've said some crazy stuff. (That I didn't always mean) So yes it's true you never know who could be reading you. I hope yours was a positive experience tho!

  2. Oh I don't really care, I mean of course we say things in the heat of the moment but I take full responsibility for my words and actions. I think there are a lot of people out there that wish they could put themselves out there like we do. Everyone has crazy thoughts and feelings, it's the brave who make them public. Also I have come to realize that good things happen when I play my guitar...

  3. Just keep on playing that guitar.