Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's Finally Here!

In less than 12 hours I will be on a flight bound for Baltimore. I am so exhausted I can barely think of what to write. I have to finish packing here in a bit, make sure I have everything and try to get some sleep. Usually when I am excited about something I can't sleep, like on Christmas eve and the like, but tonight I doubt I will have that problem... I have been running around all day tying up loose ends around town, with the help of my mom. (Thanks mom!) This morning as I start my day of errands, I pull into the parking lot at the bank and *CLUNK*, the sound, then the car stops dead in its tracks. I try to push it into a parking space and after a couple of guys from the bank come out and help, we get the Festiva into a space. The wheel is bent out to port, I assume the axle is broken. Great. Just what I needed. First I call the house, to have my mom tell my brother that I have somehow managed to break his car, on the very last day I need it. They come up to the bank and pick me up, Jeff says its a C-joint or something, and that he will fix it no big deal. And off my mom and I go. I went to so many places and appointments today, by the time we got home and mom chopped up the Brisket, I was more than ready to have my favorite BBQ sandwich. At this point I am full and happy, and procrastinating. I need to iron, and pack. I'm sure I will get around to it... OH! Thanks to everyone who came to wish me well last night! I love you guys!

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