Thursday, October 25, 2007

Last day in St Thomas

Well, I finally have a second to myself after spending a little over 2 weeks here in St Thomas. It has been a blast! It reminds me a lot of Key West, but the water is so much better and the island itself is beautiful and mountainous! Just to update everyone, I am now working on the charter boat Wanderlust. We are based in the British Virgin Islands and do week long charters. When I arrived in St Thomas I met Meg, one of the other crew members and we totally hit it off, we are both Sagittarius so serious fun ensued. We took our STCW class together and had more fun than I think you are supposed to have while learning how to save lives. We are now CPR certified and know how to use fire extinguishers and we also learned, there is no way I can get my ass in a life raft if I have my life vest ON. Ha ha ha. Rebecka, who you may remember worked with me for a while on a different boat and we had a lot of fun in Savannah, accepted the other stewardess position on Wanderlust and she arrived here the day before we finished class! Great fun! The people of French Town, which is where we have been living this whole time, call us Charlie´s Angels. We have had a great time here and are looking forward to the fun times to come in Tortola. 

We did get to meet our Captain and the dive instructor here last week. We had the boat in the haul out do do some work on the bottom and repair a few minor things, so we got really dirty and really sweaty for 5 days then they took the boat back to Tortola. Before leaving, our Captain informed us that I would be the Office Manager and Chief Stewardess, wow! Lots of responsibilities! He also explained to us that he likes to keep our charters at least a week apart so we don´t go crazy. In this off time, we have the option of working on the boat like maintenance work for an hourly wage or just running off and doing whatever we want to do. This way we have the choice of making money or going surfing if the surf is up at Apple Bay. Nice huh?

I am really looking forward to getting to Tortola! Judy spent some time here last year and sent me a whole list of people I have to meet and I cant wait to get started! But first, I have to pack my bags...

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