Monday, October 29, 2007

Tropical Storm Noel moves on...

So, lately we have been complaining about the wind and the rain and how we just want to go to the beach and get some sun. Last night the girls and I decided to check the surf report for Josiah's Bay here on the island, thats when we realize we are basically on the back end of a tropical storm! Whodathunkit? But today the skies cleared a bit and we had a partly sunny day full of hard work. We are learning our way around the island a little bit, and last night our friend Vehn took the girls and I to The Loose Mongoose, a local beach bar, to watch the Red Sox win the WORLD SERIES!!! I cant tell you how strange it was to sit at a bar with only 6 people and 2 cats and watch them win. It was so mellow. I was the only one screaming and jumping up and down while the dinghy's bobbed on their painters in the calm clear bay. Then all was quiet again, and the cats went back to sleep, the bartender turned off the television, and we went home to our boat. We are truly on Island Time.

I am working on a blog just for my pictures so here it is!!!

Jolea's Pictures

Check it out! The ones at the bottom of the page are the oldest and they are from the Bahamas, on through Savannah and a couple from last week. My camera took a hard fall in Savannah and I have to really rig it up in order for it to work but I am trying my best! Enjoy!

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