Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Great Day off at Josiah's Bay

Today was so amazing. I feel so cleansed, inside and out! It is about nine thirty here and I am about to pass out I am so tired and happy. The girls and I spent the day at Josiah's bay, after last night's mexican fiesta that was a total hit, we needed a breather. We started the day in town and caught a cab over to the bay, then we sat under a thatched umbrella and drank a frozen libation. Soon after, Meg and I did our best Baywatch impression and ran like maniacs into the surf. We had no boards but that's no problem for us. We played in the waves for a little while, then Rebecka joined us and we walked the length of the bay and back, watched a local long boarder catch some really nice waves, which you can see pics of on my picture blog, then we took a break. As Meg napped, Rebecka and I went over to the beach hut and she ate lunch and we drank a couple of Pain Killers then it was back to the sea for all of us! The tide was on the rise and in turn the waves grew, we had so much fun getting ourselves perfectly positioned in the break so we could ride the rise and not get pummeled when the wave broke. Its a really shallow and sandy break so we didnt have much trouble with undertow or not being able to touch bottom, but let me tell you, we got beat down by a few waves. I feel great. You know that procedure that really Yoga-ie people do where they pour salt water up their noses and out their mouths with a little pitcher? Well I didnt need a pitcher today. The first time water shot straight up my nose, into my sinuses and out my mouth I thought, "woah, that feels strange... wait, ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch that hurts like hell!!!" then after the fifth wave pummeled me I realized what a healthy experience it was. Mind you we were out there for hours, so 5 sea water nasal cleansing sessions is not so uncommon, especially when you attack waves like we do. I cant express how much fun I had or how healed I feel, inside and out. We needed a little back to nature time to remind us just how amazing it is that we live and work in such an amazing and beautiful place. Welcome to paradise.

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