Friday, November 23, 2007


Well, the girls and I fled the island of Tortola and made a mad dash back to our favorite island, St. Thomas. We were welcomed back to the Villa Olga with open arms by Jill and Doug, the managers there. It is so nice to come back to a place where people are excited to see you and actually care about you. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner last night with Jill, Doug and all their friends who live on island. Of course there were a few transients like us, but mostly locals. We stuffed ourselves, then while things wound down, I waited on a phone call from my new boss in Australia. It was so nice to talk to him, and we decided that I should fly down as soon as possible...

Wait, what? You don´t know about my new job??? Ha ha ha, how could I forget to tell you about this? Well, I will be moving yet again to a far away place I have never been, to work for someone I have never met, in a country I have never been to, and I couldn't´t be more excited about it!!! I will be leaving here on December 13th to fly to Melbourne,Victoria, Australia. I am the new stewardess slash deckhand aboard the Gramac V, a 76 ft sport fishing yacht. I can´t wait to get on board and learn everything I can about the boat and definitely the fishing!

Anyway, more about that later, now I just have to focus on the rest of my vacation here in STT and finishing up one more charter on Wanderlust then I am off on the longest plane trip I have ever been on. I wonder what movie we will be watching...

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